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Update: Artwork for Debut EP Album

In this video, I ask the public to choose which they think is the better cover for my Debut EP. I'll post the result next week! So far I've had 30+ responses... Thanks Guys. Which way will you vote? A or b? Send me your answer below or check social media (Facebook/Instagra) for the poll. Feel free to drop me a line at: -Follow RedEyeZack- Website: Blog: Instagram Facebook Twitter SoundCloud: Google +: Tumblr: SUBSCRIBE to the official Re

Vlog #9 - The London Music Scene

I've been up to London a couple of times since Xmas & really starting to get a feel for my way around the city. In this Video log, I explain a bit about my plans to enter the London music scene, recording situation and Spring release of my Debut EP. An ideal hub for the moment is around the Southbank Centre, very central, lots going on and surrounded by art & colour. Join me on this exotic journey into music wonderland! -Follow RedEyeZack- Website: Latest News: Instagram Facebook Twitter SoundCloud: Google

Vlog #8 - The Notting Hill Arts Club (London, UK)

My first visit to the Notting Hill Arts Club, a stones-throw from Notting Hill Gate Tube. I went to meet my friend Giulia to celebrate her getting a new job. She also wanted to introduce me to Gennaro - an Italian guitarist who was playing there! Ft: Terry Guy, Gennaro, Catherine Embleton & Sway I made this video of my tube trip on the central line from Newbury Park all the way to Notting Hill Gate Tube station. The club was about 50 metres from the station. Nice underground vibe. Check it out! PLJ Zack aka RedEyeZack

Original Song: 21st Century Man (live)

Semi-autobiographical “I remember painting my mothers toenails with red nail varnish while she was talking about the end of the world." Development of '21st Century Man' through various incarnations; the original demo, acoustic, duo rehearsal in my Barcelona flat and a live radio performance on Radio Reverb - Brighton. Now I bring it to you in a minimalist style not unlike that of the great Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah. I really loved the original lead guitar intro to this song but unfortunately it took the song to over 5 minutes. I think I would still play it live. I have an acoustic recording with two guitars playing together that I made of a rehearsal in Barcelona with Albert Gree


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