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Vlog#12: Songwriting - The Domino  Effect

This is a Vlog taken in the studio while experimenting which captures a moment of inspiration while improvising with a Gibson SG (2012 USA) through a Hughes&Kettner Tube Amplifier. How I start with a simple melodic idea & find a guitar sound/mood to fit the sentiment. Playing it in a more unorthodox style to find something more memorable. That's the challenge for me as a guitarist. It's difficult to hold back with the guitar sometimes (especially when you have some awesome power at your fingertips) so I take great responsibility in keeping to my original idea. This is what I call the 'Domino Effect' in my songwriting... i.e. If you have the seed of an idea & build on it, the song kind of wri

Vlog #11 - Collaboration: Bellydance Showcase (Part 1,2,3)

I spent 5 years in Turkey and really fell in love with Eastern rhythms, especially the Darbuka. I witnessed Bellydance Superstars in Barcelona as they went on a world tour managed by Miles Copeland (Formerly manager of the Police & Stuart Copeland's brother). My last gig in Istanbul was with a Bollywood dancer , a rock drummer & a tabla player (I played electric guitar). Now I'm working on some fusion tracks & taking my inspiration from this magical & beautiful world of dance. You will see the sheer joy of these events in this Vlog taken in Dar Marrakech (Edgeware Road, London). Join me on an exotic journey into music wonderland. Enjoy!! PLJ (Peace Love & Joy) Zack x

Vlog #10 - Thames Riverboat Music Party (Part 1&2)

PART 1 - Daytime Cruise I had an amazing time on this Thames Cruiseboat arranged by Dion Deveril from Live Expressions. An entertaining and wonderful experience through the heart of the city. Follow me on this cruiseboat adventure. Live music & DJ party, a lot of fun. An amazing trip on the Thames from Westminster Pier. Part 2 - Early evening music vibes PLJ Zack

Results of Debut EP Cover Poll

🎸Results of my album cover poll.🎤 Thanks to everyone that voted for the better album cover (over 40 of you). I had some great comments too!! Picture A was; clearer, more professional, brighter, interesting... picture B was; mysterious, underground, pinker, long hair!! 77% voted for cover B. #redeyezack @cartmelstudios - we're finalizing the artwork now... PLJ Z x

Amazing Buskers In London

An amazing guitarist I came across busking around Charing Cross. Plays both melody & lead lines! Check out Martin Pozo. I've found several great musician entertaining on the streets of London. It's great to meet & talk to them about their interesting projects. I'm gonna get an event together and introduce some of them to you soon!! PLJ (Peace, Love & Joy) Zack x


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