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Instrumental Music

Hey There! I hope you have good plans for this Easter weekend! I've just topped up my electricity meter and calling mates to organise more social events in London from next week. My music's starting to take shape & I'm pretty excited about pushing it as far as I can take it. I essentially write lyrics first, so it's really important to become more musical for me. The best way of doing this is to write instrumental tracks that will hold up on their own. When I'm working, I like to listen to instrumental music. Vocals are too distracting and capture too much of my attention. If you're like me, you love the vibe of the song and if its got your foot tapping or your head bobbing, then the creato

Vlog# 13: Recording - Getting Ideas Down

I like to capture the mood of a piece and I think the best way is to create an Instrumental version that stands up on its own. I create a 'scratch track' which is the essential parts of the song (usually with guitars but some can be later substituted with piano or other instruments) and lay down 3 or four tracks. I like to play classical guitar by candlelight. I don't know what kind of magic is conjured in the presence of the pure flame... sure it's different to electric lighting. I think it's the intimacy and silence of the warming dance of the flame. It's calming... Have a great weekend & look forward to sunny days next weekend as we start Springtime. PLJ Zack x

Jam Session (Monthly) - Brighton, UK.

The Blue Man, Brighton Jam Session night was cool. About 30 people in a basement! Half of them with percussion & tribal drums... I arrived after 9 and was lucky to find a good parking space! The room had a hippy air of Chill with guitars and vinyl records fixed to the ceiling, it was heaving with a host band playing funky riffs that everyone could groove to. Pick up an instrument and play along... some plugged in, others not. A good opportunity to chillout & find your own rhythm. I did a couple of jams around songs that have a simple arrangement like G G Em Em C D repeat... which is incidentally Stand by me (the vocalist soon cottoned on and we were jamming a funky uptempo version). The 2nd


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