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Making a Rockband

Had a wonderful local Gig Friday night at The Yard in Reigate. Thanks for those of you that came down. It was my 1st solo support slot for a long time but motivated me to rehearse a full 50-minute set. I've also been in the studio experimenting on a band sound. I decided on guitars & keyboards for this track. What bands or artists do you think it sounds like? >LISTEN Lyrics Wrapped in chains I celebrate Another sun or a wedding day Whispers in the moonlight These dreams… they pave my way Crystal clear out in the distant sand There's a fire in the face of rage I stand among my field of angels I close my eyes and I turn the page The eagle flies across the sunrise The wi

Summertime (Is On My Mind)

Incredible Sunny days here in London these last few days. I must say the light is intense and it looks like a late burst of sunshine... makes me wanna get up early in the mornings! :) Summertime Lyrics I wish that I could fly Like an eagle on the wind In a clear and lonely sky Then I bring you home again Sing oh sing for me And I will set you free…yes I will now For I am not a cage When the laughter has died away And the tears come on like the waves Like the summer of yesterday Summertime is on my mind Remembering days of a love gone by Summertime is on my mind I wish I could go back in time Time to the days, when love was real When I could feel the purple haze Upon my face So surreal Bathin

House Concerts

I've been busy this Summer creating visuals for the Winter. Recording video in the studio, in the park & at various gigs. I look forward to delighting you with the interviews and other spontaneous things that are going on. Check out this video. It will give you an idea of what I've been up to. HOW TO HOST A HOUSE CONCERT. There are House Concerts being given in almost every part of the US and Canada. Why not in London? Some house concerts are "one-shots," and some are presented as a series, usually every two to eight weeks over a "season" of anywhere from six to twelve months. Some concert rooms hold 200 people, some hold 20 or fewer. Some are held inside, some outside. Putting on a house


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