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Vlog#18 - Absolute Sounds at Ascot (Behind The Scenes)

Hi Guys!! I spent a wonderful day being the scenes of AbsoluteSounds st Ascot. I was part of a film crew making g a video of the event. High-end audio and home cinema systems. A real eye-opening experience as well as ear-opener too! I'll be showing you the latest top-end hi-fi equipment curated here by absolute sounds. Watch and don't forget to subscribe and click the alert for notifications of when the videos become live. Here's a slideshow showing a range of gear from; turntables, amplifiers, headphones & speakers. How do you prefer to listen to music? Headphones, room speakers, spotify or Youtube? I like mixing on Headphone. Listening in clubs at a volume that imitates a live performance

Artwork. The Beach or The Mountains?

Hi Guys, When asked this question... I always opt for the beach, although I'm not keen on lying on the beach to improve my tan, I do love the atmosphere of chilling out and relaxing. The water also has a calming effect on me. When I was troubled with a problem, I'd walk around my local lake at the Reigate Priory until I had found a solution. I'm going to be introducing some interesting artwork into the mix. I've always loved the solarization effect. That one you see in Andy Warhols Pop Montages. I'm starting to realise the importance of Artwork & good photography. Telling stories with light. Here are some examples of images that I'm using to compliment songs like Secret Garden. I look forwar

YouTube Channel 100 Subscriber Challenge

Hi Guys! I'm pretty much set up at home now to start giving some guitar tips online & will be trying YouTube Premier which is basically a watch party as I launch a new video performance tomorrow (Sunday 17th 1pm GMT). Great if u could like & subscribe to my YouTube. You'll get the new video notification automatically !! *** SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL*** for the latest news, music videos, behind-the-scenes, live footage, playlists, and more: PLJ Zack


Hi Guys, I've been going through a pink phase (just take a look at this video!). It was the first performance of the year when I actually put a setlist together & practice it start to finish. About 10 original songs and a few covers. I hope you enjoy the intimacy of this performance. I will be using these clips to make a playlist to secure other spotlight/support slots in and around London. 1st performance being a private party on Nov 28th. The plan is to start booking some dates up in advance & promoting them to a local audience. I'll keep in mind some live streaming gis too, for those of you outside the UK. Thanks a lot for coming along with me on this journey. I'm gonna be entertaining yo

Latest Video: Sofia's Song (Instrumental)

Recently been playing my prized classical guitar at home. Enjoy the video, it slowly zooms in on my hands & fingers towards the end. The best time for me to practice is usually very late, with no lights, just candles. I will try to capture that next time! Here are some more pics of my home studio. Over the Winter period, I like to spend time in the studio, trying out new ideas & honing my production skills. I've made a corner of my room into a rehearsal area. I will have a go at Instagram & facebook live performances over the Winter. I look forward to seeing you online at one of these performances. Remember, it's never too late to learn an instrument! Enjoy PLJ Zack x


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