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Fellowship of the RSA

A wonderful first day as a fellow at The RSA (Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) see wikipedia It's walking distance from Charing Cross Station, Trafalgar Square & my other hangout... the Southbank Centre. WHAT IS THE RSA? "At the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) we believe in a world where everyone is able to participate in creating a better future, by uniting people and ideas to resolve the challenges of our time. We do this by bringing together a global community of proactive problem solvers, s upported by our Fellows and partners." What is the fellowship? (No rings involved;) The Fellowship is a global network of 30,000 proactive

VLOG#19: 5 GOALS FOR 2020

I'm starting to get a clearer vision for realistic plans for 2020. This morning I watched a video by Damian Keyes on Youtube & decided to take his advice. Here are 5 goals I have for this year. I'd love to really get involved and throw myself into the London music scene. Here are my thoughts... If you have a music/Art or Business project... Feel free to send me your own vision, goals and how you plan to achieve them! I'll advise you as best as I can on how to get your dream project underway and make it a reality! PLJ Zack x


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