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WATCH - live Guitar Solo Recording Process - Original Song ’Blue'

This was recorded last weekend as I decide whether to play the solo using my fingers or a pick. Here I explain the subtleties & perform the live recording part of the solo… I was super-concentrated and just looking to get the solo to fit in the song like a hand in a glove. I'm using my Fender MusicMaster Strat directly plugged into an audio Interface. I like to play with textures & prefer a mild overdriven guitar that isn't too harsh on the ear. I look forward to creating more behind the scenes videos of how my songs are put together. I hope everyone is well. I’m relaxing this weekend & working on new music. It would be great if you could support me as I begin a crowdfunding campaign to deve

New Songs On The Way!

Hi Guys! I'm set up to produce a stream of inspiring music over the next 18 months. I've recently set up a home-studio environment that means I can mix & produce music to a professional quality. I have some recording studio material ready to release soon. With these songs I'd like to express some ideas and emotions that are common to all of us. Here's a Sketch of an original song 'Don't love me too much' (lyrics subtitled). Health Is Wealth! Life is changing and may never be the same again. If we are to get back to normal, let it be a new normal. I'm very concerned about well being and good health, so I've created a side-project for this called Om-Train Collective Feel free to stream & enjoy

Vlog#22 (The Importance of Lyrics)

Hi Guys! I hope you are starting to get a taste of freedom and looking after yourselves. I walk every morning and take my coffee there's with me. Got to rest my knee for a few weeks before running again! The Importance of Lyrics I've always been interested & captivated by lyrics. One of the saddest songs I can think of is Paul Simon's 'I am A Rock'. I first heard the song and thought it was a jolly tune! Then, on examining the lyrics, I was confounded to see it was about isolation & desolation. I felt more inspired to write stories and let the music flow out of the words. Let me know what's more important to you musical instrumentation, the melody or lyrics? What was the first song that

Vlog#21 - Teaching Guitar & 5 Tips for Learning An Instrument

I explain some tips & tricks in this informal video. Reflecting on how learning the guitar has really given me another dimension to everything i do... I’m a great advocate for learning a musical instrument - challenge yourself & open up a world of opportunities. Gain a friend for life! Try different instruments until you find one that clicks with you. Watch Youtube tutorials & jam with other musicians. Listen to Keith Richards! Open your mind to endless possibilities by exploring a musical instrument & be creative. Great for concentration and getting peace of mind. I'm in the process of setting up a record label & look forward to inviting you to join me on this journey by becoming a part of

Vlog#20 - Creating Something New & Beautify!

"Standing on the shoulders of giants - I want to create something new that hasn't been done before. With your support, I think I can bring something of value to the stratosphere & beautify." Got a good batch of 30 songs I'd like to get out there in the next 12-18 months. I'm really getting into the art of story-telling. Planning to release 'Acoustic Sketches' through to 'Demos' & commercially recorded material. Join me on this journey into the void! PLJ Zack xx


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