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Blue (Electric Demo) [Video]

I'm working hard on vocal performance & trying to record them in one take! It's really easy to piece separate vocal bits together but I wanted a real challenge ( Reference: @tonyvisconti ) and to be in the moment, a real performance. It's great practice for when I'll have to do it live too! I look forward to your support and think you'll find it an interesting journey. Keep working on your thing too!, step by step, day by day - slowly but surely;) PLJ Zack x . If you like @davidbowie or are a fan of @moby (who incidentally toured with Bowie), also guitar-based indie rock music, then I think you’re gonna like this electric demo mix. . 🎸check my profile to join my record label… . . 📸@vista_s

Blue (Acoustic Demo) [AudioStream]

This is a work in progress. The acoustic version should give you a good feel of the song's feeling & sentiment - Endearment: n. An expression of affection, such as a caress. n. The state of being endeared; tender affection; love. I've been working round the clock on weekends to start preparing my pipeline of new songs. It's refreshing to do something you love… completely! (if only for the weekends). I was up late around 1am last night re-recording the vocal. I had been watching @TonyVisconti (Bowie's producer on Heroes) being interviewed and he inspired to do my vocals in 1 take! . Subscribe to my YouTube Channel below to get the latest updates & releases. . In the meantime, stay safe & hope

New Song: Blue

Hi Guys Well, I'm getting the ball rolling on the new song development. Here's the first instalment. It's not just about the song, but the lyrics, the artwork, the sentiment and emotional issues of isolation & alienation, something that we all feel & experience at some time in our lives. This is a song I'm working on at the moment 'blue'. It started as a short poem and about 1 minute of music. I'm expanding it to communicate a story and journey that is both heartfelt & poetical in essence. Conneting to the feeling of endearment and compassion that we have for 'lost souls'. This poem was inspired by Kafka's Metamorphosis My Thoughts on the Song It is a ballad of empathy & suppport for our nea


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