Zerenity [Continuous EP]. It is a serene companion to any peace-seeking individual to encourage them to take a little time away from the overwhelming information and obligations that bombard us in our ever increasingly busy lives.

The 5 tracks take us on a journey from stillness to stillness. In between, there is pulse, heartbeat and movement. A simple arrangement of strings, guitar and light percussion.

be good to yourself - take 15 minutes out of your day for gentle movement & deep stillness
music for your daily yoga meditation routine

“I have a yoga mat and try to dedicate 30 minutes a day. Sometimez it’s hard to get this time in a buzy day… I decided 15 minutes would be a better minimum! The EP starts with a warm cozmic track that has calming keys ideal for meditation & relaxation. The second track has an EDM element pulsing away in the background to give impetus and some randomization to the piece. Then we have a more rhythmic groove on our third track giving a feel of chill out with drums & electric guitar entering. Then we move on to our uplifting fourth track called Horizen, finishing our final track on cosmic string movements again with a reprise to bring our bodiez & mindz back to rest.”

PLJ (Peace Love & Joy)

Zack aka RedEyeZack

Zerenity EP (Remastered - Mp3)

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London, United Kingdom

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