April 1st, 2021

Self-Released EP

Hi Guys!
It's been a thoughtful Winter and I've self-produced this Intimate EP Album.

Here you'll find my explanation of why and how I've recorded this Self-release EP Album.  This will not be available on Mainstream platforms but It does get the  ball rolling on my independent music production for future projects.

Thanks to Mario Zuccarello for recording/engineering.⁠  The songs cover variety of subject matter, most of it introspective.

I  do think it’s a raw and honest work of integrity & intimacy.⁠  

Themes from Insomnia, losing a dear one, our present decisions that  shape our futures, as well as the profound effects a smile can have upon  you… it’s mind-blowing!⁠  Also looking at nostalgia and the notion of romance in finding a  soulmate.⁠  I hope you enjoy.

The album won’t be available on mainstream platforms  but from my bandcamp page and artist website. It’s best listened to when  you feel quiet and reflective... electric guitar & vocals recorded  Live@CartmelStudios⁠

Zack xx


released April 1, 2021                         

Thanks to my good friends on contributing to the recording of this debut self-released album: 

Engineer: Mario Zuccarello 

Bass Guitar: Martin Pozo            


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