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Original Song: Smile - Live Pub Performance in Brighton, UK

Nigel Bishop, Zack Qureshi & Moez (Mo) Khan - Performing 'Smile' at the Hobgoblin Pub, Brighton.

There was an industrial building that had rehearsal rooms for rent in Brighton. I used to jam there with a couple of mates once a week, after a few weeks we decided it wasn’t worth it to go straight home after rehearsals, so we went to a pub. Then we decided to go to open mic after our weekly rehearsal. After all, we were already warmed up and it made sense to get in a bit of social and live performance before heading home our separate ways.

I think it's an honest focused performance and I just love the simplicity and mood that the video captures.

Here’s a live video The Hobgoblin - Brighton, video and editing by Ajit Dutta Zack, Moe & Nigel performing 'Smile'

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