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Original Song: 21st Century Man (live)

Updated: Oct 15, 2020


“I remember painting my mothers toenails with red nail varnish while she was talking about the end of the world."

Development of '21st Century Man' through various incarnations; the original demo, acoustic, duo rehearsal in my Barcelona flat and a live radio performance on Radio Reverb - Brighton.

Now I bring it to you in a minimalist style not unlike that of the great Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah.

I really loved the original lead guitar intro to this song but unfortunately it took the song to over 5 minutes. I think I would still play it live. I have an acoustic recording with two guitars playing together that I made of a rehearsal in Barcelona with Albert Greenlight. I really like that recording because it’s so raw… recorded with an iPhone.

Ramon whistling my intro solo after leaving the studio to get the train home.

We had just finished recording 21st Century Man at Ramon's studio. On the way out we were walking to our cars and I heard Ramon whistling. It took a few seconds to settle in... He was whistling the guitar intro! It was a surreal moment for me, magic, real magic. Something that didn't exist until a few hours ago had found its 1st entity to possess... It was spooky and cosmic at the same time. It was my proudest breakthrough moment.

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