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Vlog #11 - Collaboration: Bellydance Showcase (Part 1,2,3)

I spent 5 years in Turkey and really fell in love with Eastern rhythms, especially the Darbuka. I witnessed Bellydance Superstars in Barcelona as they went on a world tour managed by Miles Copeland (Formerly manager of the Police & Stuart Copeland's brother).

My last gig in Istanbul was with a Bollywood dancer , a rock drummer & a tabla player (I played electric guitar).

Now I'm working on some fusion tracks & taking my inspiration from this magical & beautiful world of dance.

You will see the sheer joy of these events in this Vlog taken in Dar Marrakech (Edgeware Road, London).

Join me on an exotic journey into music wonderland.


PLJ (Peace Love & Joy)

Zack x

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