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Vlog#12: Songwriting - The Domino  Effect

This is a Vlog taken in the studio while experimenting which captures a moment of inspiration while improvising with a Gibson SG (2012 USA) through a Hughes&Kettner Tube Amplifier.

How I start with a simple melodic idea & find a guitar sound/mood to fit the sentiment. Playing it in a more unorthodox style to find something more memorable. That's the challenge for me as a guitarist.

It's difficult to hold back with the guitar sometimes (especially when you have some awesome power at your fingertips) so I take great responsibility in keeping to my original idea. This is what I call the 'Domino Effect' in my songwriting... i.e. If you have the seed of an idea & build on it, the song kind of writes itself.

Join me on this exotic journey into music wonderland!

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