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Free Download - Flying Free

Free Download of Experimental Track

Hey! Zack here. Happy Easter Holidays!

Thanks for listening! Join me on this exotic journey from solo artist to world music collaborations.

*Indie Rock with an Eastern Twist* "Flying Free" by RedEyeZack

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I'm working on this song to help me find a style that incorporates the music that moves me. A rock base with some Eastern ambience and of course guitars.

The mood for this song is for those of you who fly... not by plane but in your dreams... floating above the clouds and taking you to the beyond.

It's a song about captivity, freedom & moving between worlds.

When life starts blurring, becoming a hallucination, you know you are bordering on another place.

It's the place of transition where you look out in front of you but see something completely different...

The introduction brings with it a solemn Indian percussion. Later as the rhythm picks up, you'll hear Egyptian Darbuka and rock guitar interludes.

I hope you enjoy & welcome your feedback. If you like the track, I'd love to hear what like about it.

Watch out for my upcoming Crowdfunding campaign where I'll be setting up to perform around London!

PLJ (Peace Love & Joy) Zack x

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