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Vlog #14: Open Mics - Just Play!

Hi Guys,

I've just started playing Open Mics in London with performances in Camden and Islington. It's unpaid and usually a free event. These Open mic events are a good way to gain your confidence and a rapport with an audience.

Map Studio Cafe - A must visit for homemade food if you're up in Camden! There's also a 40 Track Analogue Music Studio in the back room & a performance area upstairs (Check out the video above).

I think these 'Open Mics' will develop into gigs when I have enough songs together.

Follow me by tracking my performances in the Bandsintown App by clicking the box below. I look forward to catching up with you when I'm performing near your town.

Map Studio Cafe - Camden (Kentish Town)

Well, I've finished some recordings and I've really taken them as far as I can possibly take them using free Garageband software. I've done a lot of processing with my computer and the software is really quite limiting now.

I need to do a few more things and I really need to invest in Logic Pro X - that will take my tracks to the next level and make them sounds a lot more professional.

Now I'm regularly in Brighton visiting friends and family. It's always a relaxing experience for me. There's also free parking at the Marina!! ;)

When I wake up & see sunshine... I just gotta get out!

Enjoy & Keep fit



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