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Vlog#15 - Playing Live

A day in Brighton for the Alternative Escape Music Festival. An introduction to music plans for the Summer & catching up with friends performing at Caffe Nero / talentbanq event.

T'was a glorious weekend to be down there, pratice my videography skills on friends performing in small groups (duo/trio). A pleasant afternoon was had by all. Here are my hightlights.

0:00 - Zack's Intro: The SouthBank Centre. Open Mics. Playing Live. Zerenity (Yoga-meditation EP). 4:06 - Caffe Nero & TalentBanq 4:31 - Mark Ede (Music Management Services: @bigiambrighton) 4:38 - Key West (Band from Dublin) 7:24 - Amy Lawton Set: 11:55 - Furthest Place 16:05 - Undone (Co-written with Matty Benbrook) 20:00 - Can't Remember Why 23:45 - Triple Speed Tom 24:06 - Rebecca Riedtmann Set: 24:17 - Eyes On Me 27:30 - A Better Me 31:24 - Whiskey and Wine (Ray Jones - @talentbanq)

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