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Spring Is In The Air


I hope you are enjoying the rays of sunshine that have started here in the UK. I'm busy with organising lots of different activities around London.

I'm performing regularly at an open mic in Camden. Every two weeks I join a group of other budding songwriters, poets and entertainers on the stage at Map Studio Cafe (Kentish Town).

I'm recording in a studio at the cafe with Duncan Thornley, A multi-instrumentalist & experimental Engineer. Check out our 'behind the scenes clips' coming soon. We are working on a single called 'Flying Free' with live drum & bass. The keyboards & strings are experimental drones inspired by Indian Tanpura and a vocal concert I attended last month at Nehru Centre London.

I'll be performing on the acoustic stage at the ALMA STREET FESTIVAL - JUNE 16 in Camden. I'll be reporting and updating you about that incredible event. If you're out of town or abroad, it could be a great time to visit London & join the street party!

Alma Street Fair Returns! Sunday 16 June 2019 Noon-7pm North London’s favourite community street fair

Stall Reservation

I'm writing more on piano these days and enjoying the morning routine with my obligatory coffee.

Enjoy the Spring & Catch up soon!


Zack x

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