Making a Rockband

September 29, 2019

Had a wonderful local Gig Friday night at The Yard in Reigate. Thanks for those of you that came down. It was my 1st solo support slot for a long time but motivated me to  rehearse a full 50-minute set.


I've also been in the studio experimenting on a band sound. I decided on guitars & keyboards for this track. What bands or artists do you think it sounds like?




Wrapped in chains I celebrate 
Another sun or a wedding day 
Whispers in the moonlight 
These dreams… they pave my way 

Crystal clear out in the distant sand 
There's a fire in the face of rage 
I stand among my field of angels 
I close my eyes and I turn the page 

The eagle flies across the sunrise 
The wind it blows across the sea 
I don't know where I'm going 
But I know I'm flying free 
Ooh... holy water 
It's falling from the skies 
Ooh ooh... holy water 
It's like tears from my eyes 

Shower me with the face of beauty 
Rescue me from my dying day 
Release me from my throne of promise 
(Won't you) steal me away from the beasts of prey 

(Come on) Take me out of this darkness 
How I thirst to see your loving face 
I'm wishing, but not for madness 
But I know it's the price that I have to pay 

The eagle flies across the sunsets of my life 
The wind it blows across the sea of tranquillity 
I don't know where I'm going 
But I know I'm flying free 

Flying free, on the breeze 
Flying free, this ain't no dream 
This ain't no dream… 

Shower me with the face of beauty... yeah...


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Zack x

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