Well-Being: World Mental Health Day

October 13, 2019

Hi Guys,

On Saturday afternoon, I attended a presentation supporting my friend Dr. Suraiya Zabeen for a World Mental Health Day 2019 Community Event. Her Trustworthy foundation organised the event sponsored by Canary Wharf Group plc & ConstructionAid UK. The event will be televised on ATN Bangla UK



A few of my friends were also speaking; Marina Abelsmith CBT specialist and Chahrazade Belamine, Author, Entrepreneur, Mom, so it was interesting to see them give a public presentation for the first time. 


I know what it's like getting up in front of an audience & I'd like to congratulate them for educating us on these serious topics.


Invited speaker Dr. Seshni Moodliar really gave a wonderful presentation on spotting the signs of depression an more serious mental health problems amoungst children and young adults. I lost two very close friends after college and these signs were a wake up call. I'll get hold of her presentation & post a link to it in this blog at a later stage.


About a year ago (Oct 1 2018) I released my first EP Album called 'Zerenity'. I'd like to make you aware of it. I designed it for my own yoga-meditation routine and for times when I feel stressed & anxious. Give it a listen & I hope it can benefit you too!



Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below.


PLJ (Peace Love & Joy)


Zack x

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