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Hi Guys,

I've been going through a pink phase (just take a look at this video!). It was the first performance of the year when I actually put a setlist together & practice it start to finish.

About 10 original songs and a few covers. I hope you enjoy the intimacy of this performance. I will be using these clips to make a playlist to secure other spotlight/support slots in and around London. 1st performance being a private party on Nov 28th.

The plan is to start booking some dates up in advance & promoting them to a local audience. I'll keep in mind some live streaming gis too, for those of you outside the UK.

Thanks a lot for coming along with me on this journey. I'm gonna be entertaining you in different ways & always looking for artistic collab.


Zack x


7 seas of love

Beneath 7 saffron skies

The writer draws her pen

Shiva throws the dice of love

1 Book of colours

And a flower from my English garden

Come on dream with me

See the child upon my shoulders

Won’t you hold her?

Living free

In the 4 corners of the world

But the treasure that we seek

Is reflected in the eyes of 2 oceans

Smiling like a breeze

Whirling in the sky

High above the city dreaming

A taste of the world

5 senses have unfurled

Fruit from paradise

Afterglow of love still sleeping

Destination uncertain

Travellers in time

Waiting for a sign

Need to recognise the warning

She realise herself

She see her Kingdom come

See the rising son

The signs up on the horizon

I could live with you

For a 1001 years

I could paint your picture too

As you dance in a sari blue

With a diamond in your nose

With bells and painted toes

Reflecting the mirrored heavens that sent you

Yes, I could run away

Forget myself today

Live a life of dreams

White tigers swimming free

Find peace and tranquility

In my secret garden

So, rest with me a while

Lay your head upon my heart

Close your weary eyes

As we walk palm in palm

Together alone

In our secret garden

I'm planning to create some killer content!!! First up is a video interview with a local music journalist (coming soon).

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