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Artwork. The Beach or The Mountains?

Hi Guys,

When asked this question... I always opt for the beach, although I'm not keen on lying on the beach to improve my tan, I do love the atmosphere of chilling out and relaxing. The water also has a calming effect on me.

When I was troubled with a problem, I'd walk around my local lake at the Reigate Priory until I had found a solution.

I'm going to be introducing some interesting artwork into the mix. I've always loved the solarization effect. That one you see in Andy Warhols Pop Montages.

I'm starting to realise the importance of Artwork & good photography. Telling stories with light. Here are some examples of images that I'm using to compliment songs like Secret Garden.

I look forward to delighting you with my collection of custom cd covers for the Yoga-meditation EP - Zerenity


Zack x

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London, United Kingdom

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