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Vlog#18 - Absolute Sounds at Ascot (Behind The Scenes)

Hi Guys!!

I spent a wonderful day being the scenes of AbsoluteSounds st Ascot.

I was part of a film crew making g a video of the event. High-end audio and home cinema systems. A real eye-opening experience as well as ear-opener too!

I'll be showing you the latest top-end hi-fi equipment curated here by absolute sounds. Watch and don't forget to subscribe and click the alert for notifications of when the videos become live.

Here's a slideshow showing a range of gear from; turntables, amplifiers, headphones & speakers.

How do you prefer to listen to music?

Headphones, room speakers, spotify or Youtube?

I like mixing on Headphone. Listening in clubs at a volume that imitates a live performance & generally go to YouTube to check out new bands and artists.

Happy listening!

Zack x

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London, United Kingdom

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