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New Songs On The Way!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Hi Guys!

I'm set up to produce a stream of inspiring music over the next 18 months. I've recently set up a home-studio environment that means I can mix & produce music to a professional quality.

I have some recording studio material ready to release soon.

With these songs I'd like to express some ideas and emotions that are common to all of us. Here's a Sketch of an original song 'Don't love me too much' (lyrics subtitled).

Health Is Wealth!

Life is changing and may never be the same again. If we are to get back to normal, let it be a new normal.

I'm very concerned about well being and good health, so I've created a side-project for this called Om-Train Collective

Feel free to stream & enjoy the meditative sounds.

The Future

With the aftermath of Covid-19, I'm also interested to know what our options are... What a post-capitalist society or planet could look like.

A lot of my music is about isolation, love, fear, pain, beauty but as an educator too... I'd like to create music that means something and expresses our shared humanity.

This project will be a multi-dimensional music-art project. I have recently set up a record label 'RedEyeZack Records' which I will be launching throught the Patreon Crowdfunding platform.

I invite you to become patrons & supporters of this project. It will help create a collective movement for artists from different disciplines to collabotate.

Have a great week & keep safe.


Zack x

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