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WATCH - live Guitar Solo Recording Process - Original Song ’Blue'

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

This was recorded last weekend as I decide whether to play the solo using my fingers or a pick. Here I explain the subtleties & perform the live recording part of the solo…

I was super-concentrated and just looking to get the solo to fit in the song like a hand in a glove.

I'm using my Fender MusicMaster Strat directly plugged into an audio Interface.

I like to play with textures & prefer a mild overdriven guitar that isn't too harsh on the ear.

I look forward to creating more behind the scenes videos of how my songs are put together.

I hope everyone is well. I’m relaxing this weekend & working on new music. It would be great if you could support me as I begin a crowdfunding campaign to develop my music-art project. I looking to do wonderful things and create music & art that means something.

Join me on this musical journey into the void!



Zack x

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