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New Song: Blue

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Hi Guys

Well, I'm getting the ball rolling on the new song development.

Here's the first instalment. It's not just about the song, but the lyrics, the artwork, the sentiment and emotional issues of isolation & alienation, something that we all feel & experience at some time in our lives.

This is a song I'm working on at the moment 'blue'. It started as a short poem and about 1 minute of music. I'm expanding it to communicate a story and journey that is both heartfelt & poetical in essence. Conneting to the feeling of endearment and compassion that we have for 'lost souls'.

This poem was inspired by Kafka's Metamorphosis

My Thoughts on the Song

It is a ballad of empathy & suppport for our nearest & dearest.

The Guitar Solo Recording Process

Watch - Original Song ’Blue'

This was recorded last weekend as I decide whether to play the solo using my fingers or a pick. Here I explain the subtleties & perform the live recording part of the solo…

I'm working on a demo now and will post it in the next few weeks as you see this song develop & take shape.

Have a great weekend!

Stay Safe


Zack x


I was blue for a while

Then the sun came out of your smile

It was easy to fall so far

And the stars in the sky

Well they never seem to die

All those lonely nights we pass in the dark

I was stoned

I was bold

I was only trying to hold

Onto someone who cares for me

You’re not alone

You’re the child

And the fever is running wild

But take it easy

Because you have a hand to hold

That’s a marvellous scar

Did you get it out in the war?

You’ve got something to remind you of the pain

What am I?

Just a fool

I’ve been breaking all of the rules

To find something

To give me a reason to live

I had a dream

I was blue

I woke to find it was true

But it a’int easy

When you stand out in the crowd

Then it rained

And it poured

But it didn’t wash me away

I am blue

From my head down to my toes

Yes I am blue

For now for evermore . . .

Blue, blue, blue my blue

Blue, blue, blue your heart . . .is gold

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