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Blue (Acoustic Demo) [AudioStream]

This is a work in progress. The acoustic version should give you a good feel of the song's feeling & sentiment -


n. An expression of affection, such as a caress.

n. The state of being endeared; tender affection; love.

I've been working round the clock on weekends to start preparing my pipeline of new songs. It's refreshing to do something you love… completely! (if only for the weekends).

I was up late around 1am last night re-recording the vocal. I had been watching @TonyVisconti (Bowie's producer on Heroes) being interviewed and he inspired to do my vocals in 1 take!


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In the meantime, stay safe & hope you can get some sunshine wherever you are!



A Special dedication for this song - Get well soon Jo! @thefloridabrit

Zack xx





Zack x


I was blue for a while

Then the sun came out of your smile

It was easy to fall so far

And the stars in the sky

Well they never seem to die

All those lonely nights we pass in the dark

I was stoned, I was bold,

I was only trying to hold

Onto someone who cares for me

You’re not alone You’re the child

And the fever is running wild

But take it easy Because you have a hand to hold

Blue, blue, blue my blue

Blue, Oh blue, blue your heart . . .is gold

That’s a marvellous scar

Did you get it out in the war?

You’ve got something to remind you of the pain

What am I? Just a fool

I’ve been playing by the rules

To find something to give me a reason to live

I had a dream, I was blue

I woke to find it was true

But it a’int easy

When you stand out in the crowd

Then it rained And it poured

But it didn’t wash me away

I am blue From my head down to my toes

Yes I am blue For now forevermore

Blue, blue, blue my blue

Blue, Oh blue, blue your heart... is gold

… your heart... is gold

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