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Blue (Electric Demo) [Video]

I'm working hard on vocal performance & trying to record them in one take! It's really easy to piece separate vocal bits together but I wanted a real challenge

( Reference: @tonyvisconti ) and to be in the moment, a real performance.

It's great practice for when I'll have to do it live too! I look forward to your support and think you'll find it an interesting journey. Keep working on your thing too!, step by step, day by day - slowly but surely;)


Zack x


If you like @davidbowie or are a fan of @moby (who incidentally toured with Bowie), also guitar-based indie rock music, then I think you’re gonna like this electric demo mix.


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I had a dream, I was blue

I woke to find it was true

But it a’int easy

When you stand out in the crowd

Then it rained And it poured

But it didn’t wash me away

I am blue From my head down to my toes

Yes I am blue For now forevermore...

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