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Livestream #6 - Xmas Edition! Bye Bye 2020...

Hi Guys!

What a crazy year for us all! It was a good move to start experimenting with live-streaming on Facebook Live... to see you guys & keep a connection. We've had 5 monthly events, I started some live lessons (IGTV) and started a #30SongsIn30Weeks Songwriting campaign.

00:00 These Are The Days (Instrumental)

02:05 Tier 72 & Getting Glammed Up!

03:50 America (Paul Simon)

07:52 You’ll Still Be Mine (Original Song)

13:48 My Immortal (Evanescence - Dedication for Dani from Giuseppe)

19:40 Nights In White Satin (Moody Blues)

24:25 Tequilla Sunrise (The Eagles)

28:50 Summertime (Original Song for Ahenk in Richmond)

33:20 The Man’s Too Strong (Dire Straits)

37:20 Love Of Your Life (Original Song)

43:13 Intro to Vlog at Kentish Town Open Mic!

51:42 Your Song (Elton John)

I'm halfway there and you can check out the 15 songs on my homepage -

I've been honing my guitar skills and started paying a lot of electric lead guitar. This is a move towards making a band & recording music that is designed to perform live.

Thanks so much for your support as Patrons and your wonderful comments on social media that keep me inspired to keep creating until I can deliver world-class music to you.


Zack x

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