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ORIGINAL SONG #5: Maybe (live sketch)

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

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I was at the supermarket checking out when a little Indian woman looked at my shopping items, then at me and said “what, no woman in the house” She was right!


At that time I was living with my father and three brothers… Our house was more like a hotel. I then remembered what my father had always said: “A house is not a home without a woman in it.” That was the inspiration for this song…


Maybe you’re the one

You’re the sun, in my sky

And I am not alone

But a house is not a home… without love

To share

Maybe you’re the one

And my life

Has just begun

You never changed me at all

You know you make me more than I ever was

Than I dreamed

Somewhere in this world

Is a love, to belong

Oh, but maybe I’m a dazed

Maybe I’m a crazy fool for your love

I just can’t get enough

Maybe I’m a dazed

Maybe I’m a crazed

Insane for your love

Insane…for your love

For your love

For your love

Someday, we may find

That the years…have passed us by

And we are both alone

We are both cold

We don’t know what to say

We passed along the way…but

Maybe someday

We will laugh…we will play

Like children in the sand

We take each other’s hands and sway…

And we sway

We sway

Maybe someday

When we are young

And we are bold

Sing love…sing life

Sing long, ‘til we are old

Older than the sun

Brighter than the stars

Wider than the moon

Bluer than the blue skies

Up above

Rain in here

In our hearts

But a house is not a home

A house is not a home

Without love

To share

No a house is not a home

No a house is not a home

Without love

Without love

Without love…

Maybe you’re the one

I look forward to performing for you soon!

Zack x

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