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ORIGINAL SONG #6: Secret Garden (live sketch)

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This song was inspired by a secret love and Park Guell Barcelona was the location of beauty overlooking the city. Lyrically and emotionally intoxicating, a wonderful and magical time high above the city dreaming...

7 seas of love

Beneath 7 saffron skies

The writer draws her pen

Shiva throws the dice of love

1 Book of colours

And a flower from my English garden

Come on dream with me

See the child upon my shoulders

Won’t you hold her?

Living free

In the 4 corners of the world

But the treasure that we seek

Is reflected in the eyes of 2 oceans

Smiling like a breeze

Whirling in the sky

High above the city dreaming

A taste of the world

5 senses have unfurled

Fruit from paradise

Afterglow of love still sleeping

Destination uncertain

Travellers in time

Waiting for a sign

Need to recognise the warning

She realise herself

She see her Kingdom come

See the rising son

The signs up on the horizon

I could live with you

For a 1001 years

I could paint your picture too

As you dance in a sari blue

With a diamond in your nose

With bells and painted toes

Reflecting the mirrored heavens that sent you

Yes, I could run away

Forget myself today

Live a life of dreams

White tigers swimming free

Find peace and tranquillity

In my secret garden

So, rest with me a while

Lay your head upon my heart

Close your weary eyes

As we walk palm in palm

Together alone

In our secret garden

I look forward to performing for you soon!

Zack x

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