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ORIGINAL SONG #2: Flying Free (live sketch)

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This song is inspired by the novels of Alexander Dumas - Novels like The Count of Monte Cristo, The Man In The Iron Mask.

It's about unjust incarceration and freedom. Also a metaphor for having one foot on this shore & the other on the other shore...

Between two worlds, two dimensions. When we feel captured or enslaved... it is the thoughts of beauty that can nourish us....  and give us the strength to escape our limitations.


Wrapped in chains I celebrate

Another sun or a wedding day

Whispers in the moonlight

These dreams… they pave my way

Crystal clear out in the distance

There's a fire in the face of rage

I stand among my field of angels

Close my eyes as I turn the page

The eagle flies across the sunrise

The wind it blows across the sea

I don't know where I'm going

But I know I'm flying free

Holy water… it’s falling’ from the sky

Mmmm mm Holy water

It’s like tears from my eyes

Shower me with the face of beauty

Rescue me from my dying day

Release me from my throne of promise

Steal me away from the beasts of prey

Take me out of this darkness

How I thirst to see your loving face

I'm wishing, but not for madness

But I know it's the price that I have to pay

The eagle flies across the sunsets of my life

The wind it blows across the sea of tranquillity

I don't know where I'm going (Lord)

But I know I'm flying free

Flying free, on the breeze

Flying free, this ain't no dream

This ain't no dream…

Now shower me with the face of beauty… yeah

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