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Hi Guys!

I managed to get these shots together. On a wet & windy day at Ouse Valley Viaduct near Haywards Heath. A spectacular construction.

Thanks to Petra for braving it out into the West Sussex countryside to discover this local landmark. You wouldn't realise that the train goes over this on the London to Brighton line.

While it's wet & windy outside, I sported my finest jacket & boots to keep me looking stylish and dark against the Victorian backdrop. Little would I know that I would end up looking like a wet cat just come in out of the rain...

I've been in lockdown and honing my guitar skills. I'm working on some instrumental pieces for electric guitar, playing a lot of blues and still managing to put out a new song every week!

I'm confident that I'll have 30 original songs by April 2021. If circumstances allow, I'll be embarking on a tour. I don't know of what magnitude but the more extensive the better.

Armed with my catalogue of 30 songs, I plan to find places to perform these songs.

I'll start with my local counties of Surrey & West Sussex. Then move towards London gigs and also try to get myself to Sweden, Italy, Turkey & Spain. Until then, I'll be continuing my monthly livestreams on Facebook.

I've also set up a Twitch channel and am investigating how to use that.

I'd appreciate any feedback on what you think my genre is and what bands/Artists my songs remind you of. I'm listening to a lot of John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Clapton, Steve Wilson, Bruce Springsteen at the moment. What about you?

This pic really shows the colossal nature of this viaduct - more than 1 million bricks.

A fabulous Marvel of Victorian Engineering just to the south of the village of Balcombe as you drive along Borde Hill Lane it comes in to view very close to the road.


Photography Petra Eujane Photography